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The above map is a google-based application. Use it as you would normally navigate a google map. If you need further clarification or just have questions please feel free to call. We are committed to making your stay in Hull, as a student, a simple and easy one. Note, we can't help with course work!!!

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  10 key Points and benefits of renting a student house with Red & Nat in Hull.  
  • Houses are 10 mins stroll away from campus
  • 10 mins stroll to local public house for rest and relaxation from a studious day!
  • Fixed £80 PWPS (per week per student).
  • No deposit - No admin charge.
  • Heated to 17 - 21°c.
  • WIFI Internet - upto 8Mbps.
  • Electric (normally uncapped).
  • Water (not metered).
  • TV licence and Freeview all rooms.
  • Local amenities, such as 24 hr shopping, restaurants and bars all within a short walking distance. Good public transport links to Hull city centre.
Student Accommodation in Hull
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